Why did you choose Hongfar Spicy Bean Paste?

1. Our factory located in Chiang Rai province city district, is a natural, pollution-free pollution.
2. Hongfar Spicy Bean Paste The main raw materials, selection of the best No genetically modified soybean (NON GMO) pepper selected lines.
A good-quality rice grown in a natural way from the DOI tribal area in Chiang Rai is high significant components.
In fermented until the breast, spicy, fragrant chiao.
3. Hongfar Spicy Bean Paste As the bean paste that has been transmitted from Taiwan for over 70 years, ancestor is acceptable
Most of the Taiwanese.
4. Hongfar Spicy Bean Paste The spicy, medium. The aroma of sesame oil and taste mellow from fermented raw materials.
Can be dipped in a sauce to cook the fried rice and noodles, crushed or eaten immediately.
5. Hongfar Spicy Bean Paste The standard of production in the factory. Products are exported to China established in client group of Chinese descent greatly.